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The Republic of Korea has a history of roughly five thousand years.

Despite facing many trials and crises, Koreans have always overcome them while creating a rich culture and history indigenous to Korea. The Independence Hall of Korea shows the spirit and efforts of the Korean people in overcoming the national crises they faced in the modern period and especially during the Japanese colonial era. At the same time, the Hall conducts research on the history of Korean national efforts while educating the Korean people about their history.
We hope that you will see the firm resilience of the Korean people and their history and heed their cries against foreign invasion and for the peace of all mankind by visiting our Hall surrounded by beautiful nature.

Overview of the major facilities

Size : 3,940,000㎡, 66 buildings

Major facilities :
7 exhibition halls (Gross floor area 23,624㎡,
consists of large area, small area, special exhibit),
4D theater, Taegeuk Square (815 Korean flags are always raised),
Balgeunnuri Education Center, Independence Army Experiential School, Outdoor exhibition (Monuments engraved with patriotic poems and quotations, Reunification Hill, Exhibition of the Remains of the Japanese Government General Building, Monument to the King Gwanggaeto, the Great, etc.), Pine Grove Rest Area (18,181㎡), White Lotus Pond (26,446㎡), Parking Lot (accommodates 15,100 vehicles), Seogok camping site (accommodates 698 people) etc.

Major Projects

Exhibitions & Data Management Project

The Independence Hall of Korea covers the entire Korean independence movement history. A total of 90,000 pieces of relics are displayed and preserved. Especially, the seven exhibition halls with the state-of-the-art display technology offer experiential and dynamic displays.

  • Seven permanent exhibition halls according to historical period and themes
  • Holds temporary exhibitions for special occasions
  • Displays ‘the patriot of the month’ with the Ministry of Patriots & Veterans Affairs every month
  • Operates relics storages and library with special facilities
  • Operates info database of the Korean independence movement history through the homepage
Research Project

The Independence Hall of Korea plays a critical role in the study of the independence movement history. It studies, discovers and researches the data related to the independence movement, and supports the research activities of related scholars.

  • Collection, analysis & research of the data related to the independence movement, Japanese invasion and the national crisis subjugation
  • Academic studies and publication of and
  • Collection & management of data necessary for the studies and displays
  • Research on the domestic / foreign independence movement sites and publish reports
  • Support education projects and develop educational materials
  • Promote academic exchanges with internal / external institutions
Education Project

The Independence Hall of Korea is actively executing projects to establish the national identity and hold a righteous national view by educating the Korean history and culture to the citizens.

  • ‘Dokdo School’, Educational Program to Promote Interest in the Korean Territory Dokdo
  • Children?Youth Education and Activities Focusing on Experience and Viewing
  • Visits to the domestic·foreign independence movement sites for university students
  • Educational visits to schools for children and teenagers
  • Education for adults such as education professionals, public officers, educational administration leaders
  • Display·education of ‘visiting Independence Hall of Korea’ for citizens
  • Education for overseas Koreans & foreigners which consists of exhibition visits and experiences related to the independence movement
Cultural events

The Independence Hall of Korea regularly holds various cultural events where you can experience Korean history and culture.

  • March First Memorial Event, Children’s Day Event, Liberation Day Event, Fall Culture Zone
  • Commemorative Cultural Events on the Days of Korean Martyrs’ Patriotic Deeds, and other days


Collections by Category(February 16, 2021)
Categories Amount
Books 20,959
Documents 44,736
Cultural, artistic, and religious items 1,039
Articles in daily use 2,496
Military type items 636
Industrial items 2,039
Technologic items 4,609
Videos 703
Photographs 25,347
Total 102,564
Cultural Heritage
Treasures: 6 item
  • Royal Bull for Yi Gwang-ak’s Title of Meritorious Subject (Registered on June 16, 1988 as Treasure No. 952)
  • Compiled Manuscript of A Large Dictionary of the Korean Language (Registered on December 22, 2020 as Treasure No. 2086)
Registered Cultural Heritage: 76 items