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Fourth Exhibition


The 4th exhibition hall, ‘Meaning and value of the Korean independence movement’

Korea’s independence movement was a path to independence and freedom for the Korean people and peace for all humanity. To this end, they had to fight against Japanese Imperialism for some 50 years before finally achieving liberation on August 15, 1945. The spirit of the independence movement, which spread across the nation during this time of lost sovereignty, is not only a guide to the present but will also serve as a torch for the future.

1. Path of Resolve : What is the independence movement?
image This is where you get to witness the resolve and will of independence activists who continued to stand tall in a nation lost to Japanese imperialism and deprived of freedom. Take a look at the dilapidated wall at the entrance and try to reflect on the significance of the independence movement.
2. Path of Activism : How was the independence movement carried out?
image This is where you get to see the various aspects and highlights of the independence movement that unfolded both at home and abroad in order to reclaim the Korean independence, freedom, and peace. Before you begin, first read the Three Pledges contained in the March 1st Declaration of Independence and try to imagine how the independence movement was carried out.
3. Path of Unification : The nation of which the independence activists dreamed
image This is where you can witness the achievements made since the restoration of independence and think about how to carry on with the spirit of the independence movement. Before you begin, listen to a variety of voices describing the kind of nation Korean independence activists dreamed of.
4. Path of Echoes : Path of Remembrance and Legacy
image This is a space for recollecting the significance and value of the independence movement to carry it on into the future and across the world. We hope that when you walk up the path, you will remember the true meaning of patriotic martyrs who dedicated their lives to the independence movement and will transfer these memories to the coming generations.