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Fifth Exhibition


The 5th exhibition hall, ‘Patriotic Struggle for National Independence,’ covers the anti-Japanese armed resistance which occurred in areas inside and outside the nation to obtain national independence.

You can view the armed independence activities in the Manjuria region, just resistance which executed major figures of the Japanese institutions, and the activities of Joseon Uiyongdae and the Korean National Independence Army.

Statue of Unknown Independence Troops
image This group was sculptured to reproduce the struggling scene of unknown Independence Army soldiers in order to commemorate their patriotism and their struggle and sacrifice to fight Japanese forces in backwoods of Manchuria and Maritime Province of Siberia solely for the independence of Korea.
Taegeukgi Used by the Korean Independence Army
image This Taegukgi was known to be used in the Independence Army force during Fengwutung battle in June, 1920.
The Scene of the War of Independence
image This scene reproduced the scene that the Independence Army around Manchuria, China formed an armed independence army forces to conduct military operations against Japanese forces.
A Receipt Issued by the Western Route Army for Support Fund / 1921
image This receipt was issued to a person who supported the fund for the independence movement by Western Route Army.
Yi , Hoe-yeong’s Clothes
image Yi, Hoe-yeong’s clothes. He took the main role in establishing Kyeonghaksa and Sinheung military academy.
The Declaration of Joseon Revolution / 1923
image In January 1923, the Declaration of Joseon Revolution was written by Sin, Chae-ho and proclaimed by Righteous Patriots Corps is an independence movement league established by Kim, Won-bong and others in Jilin, Manchuria.
An Oath by Yi, Bong-chang / 1931
image Yi, Bong-chang wrote this oath before he took off to Tokyo for punishing the King of Japan, when he joined the Korean Patriot Society.
The scene of Yun, Bong-gil throwing bomb to the Japanese leaders
image In 29 Apr 1932, Yun, Bong-gil carried out a bombing attack in Hongkou Park, Shanghai during the celebration of Emperor’s Birthday and Shanghai incident to punish Japanese leaders.
A Taegeukgi Containing the Signatures of the Korean Restoration Army
image Moon, Soo-yeol, who was a soldier in the Korean Restoration Army received this Taegukgi from his colleague Lee, Jeong-soo around February, 1945. His wish for the complete independence of Korea is written on the Taegukgi. (Registered Cultural Heritage No.389)