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With a state-of-the-art digital projection system, viewers can experience the film as if they were the protagonists themselves. For 15 minutes, viewers?can?experience realistic special effects with a large screen, wind system, vibrating seats, and 3D glasses for a dynamic cinema experience. 160 seats are available at once.

Odd Days
February 28th The Korean Rally The Acorn Medal
11:00 14:30 16:00
Even Days
Pursuing the Dream The Project K The Acorn Medal
11:00 14:30 16:00

※ The last screening during winter (November-February) is at 16:30.

Movie Story

The Acorn Medal
img_row04_01This movie features the 1920 Battle of Qingshanli where Kim Jwa-jin and Hong Beom-do led the Korean Independent Army to victory against the Japanese in Manchuria. In the plot, elementary student Haneolli travels back in time and meets his great grandfather, an independence fighter, where he witnesses the battle and returns to the present.Hanneolli races to the emergency room when he hears his grandfather was taken to the hospital in critical condition. There he receives his grandfather’s treasured acorn medal and an old photograph, the former of which was made by his grandfather dearly missing his father who left home to fight for independence. When Haneolli is absorbed into playing computer games in a corner of the hospital, a strange energy emanating from the medal engulfs him, transporting him to the past.After recovering the acorn medal, Haneolli finds himself in a valley amidst a fierce battle between the national independence army and Japanese forces. On the battlefield, Haneolli meets his great grandfather and witnesses the heroism of the national independence army against the Japanese. Can he deliver the acorn medal to his great grandfather and return to the present?
The Korean Express
img_row05_01After failing his modern Korean history test, Daehan is told by his teacher to read a history book from the library to write a report. Daehan, grumbling about his work, finds the modern history book he wanted with the help of his friend Eunji. Yet, surprisingly enough, it turns out to be blank.At that moment, the library walls open and a massive train station and a ‘Republic of Korea’ steam engine appear. The engineer takes Daehan and Eunji on a ride through the past. While traveling in time from National Liberation Day in 1945, the formation of the ROK in 1948, the Korean War, economic development, and democratization, Daehan and Eunji realize what trials Korea overcame to become what it is now.Daehan returns to the present and opens the history book to write in the last page: “We will never forget the history of our past. From now on we shall write the history of the future.”
Pursuing the Dream
img_row06_01Korean Wave stars Bin and Yun-a are invited to perform at the Independence Hall anniversary concert, where Bin reminisces about the time he first came to the Independence Hall three years ago.Bin, listless after letting go his dream of becoming a star as a trainee due to his difficult training and uncertain future, visits the Independence Hall on invitation from his great-great grandfather’s soul, a former Korean independence fighter. Bin learns about his ancestors who cried for world peace and the happiness of mankind in the spirit of the March First Independence Movement while dreaming of the future for their descendants despite their trying times, which causes him to think back on himself.Meanwhile, world villain Shadow infiltrates the Independence Hall to steal its relics, but Bin, newly awakened by the Korean nation and its history, teams up with the wax figures to protect the relics containing the noble spirit of the patriotic martyrs. After Bin and?grandfather’s soul?bid each other farewell, Bin resolves to pursue his dream of singing to make known the spirit of the Independence Movement in which his ancestors cried for world peace and the happiness of mankind.
The Korean Rally
img_row07_01The ‘2020 Korean Rally’ commemorating liberation and reunification on August 15th, 2020 is a long itinerary starting from the Independence Hall of Korea and passing through Jeju Island, Mt. Geumgang, and Mt. Baekdu.Taeho, the main driver of ‘Baekho’, the United Korea team, resolves to plant his great-grandfather’s keepsake Taegeuk Flag at the top of Mt. Baekdu after winning the rally.However, the conflict between him and his northern counterpart Gang-cheol grows as their battle of egos ensues. On top of this, the foreign teams make matters worse by keeping ‘Baekho’ in check, driving them into danger of losing…Can ‘Baekho’ win the Korean Rally?